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Christmas Magic – Ray of light in Lockdown

Sometimes we receive a review that is so nice we just have to share it.  Thanks again Nigel and Debbie for your Christmas tale.  You can checkout all our reviews on Trustpilot

Christmas Magic – Ray of light in Lockdown

We had delayed looking for a sofa bed for a newly renovated room, usual mad rush, had to be done before Christmas. My wife said where can we get one on line? Well the Sofabed company of course!

We had left it to Friday 11th December at about 7:00pm in the evening. We looked up online and decided on the Norfolk Sofabed in Balmoral Charcoal with the Mattress Pocket Sprung Upgrade.

I noticed a telephone number on the website 8am-8pm. I called it and unsurprisingly left a message on what sounded like a mobile phone number. Oh well, I had to take my son to Football training.

My wife received a call from Steve the MD who was in New Zealand. He said he would do what he could do and would pay us back if it did not arrive in time for Christmas, which was a lovely offer, but tbh we would have kept is as we needed one.

After paying we were engaged by Paul, Karen and the amazing team at Black Dog saying they would do their best to get the delivery by Christmas, I did not even chase it leaving it to fate.

On Wednesday 23rd December 2020 I was contacted by Karen who gave me Maureen’s number at the delivery company, Surrey Palitz who had the goods at a local depot. They were maxed out but as I am lucky to have a transit, collected the Sofabed.

It was beautifully wrapped, no damage and it took be about ten minutes to put it in place, two minutes to lay up as a bed and thirty seconds for a nice nap, being woken by my wife and daughter laughing at my slumbers at the window. The sprung mattress upgrade was worth every penny.

My daughter and her boyfriend confirmed it was lovely to sleep on and had not minded being ousted by Grandma from her bed (all in our bubble btw).

Well done the Sofabed company and Black Dog with special thanks to Paul, Karen and very much to a hands on MD in Steve, nothing like old school sales and service.

Nigel and Debbie Surrey/Kent borders

The Norfolk Sofabed

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