COVID Notice -

COVID Notice is a little different from other Sofabed online retailers in that we are first and foremost a genuine manufacturing business. We handmake all our sofabeds, to order, in our own UK factory.

Our manufacturing staff cannot carry out their work from home, so they are continuing to work in the factory as they did pre-covid. Our production is therefore currently unaffected by the latest Covid 19 lockdown and restrictions. However, as you would expect, within the factory, we are following all the relevant Covid 19 guidance to create a safe work environment for our employees.

As a business, we have committed to continue to manufacture and deliver our customer’s sofabeds in an industry-leading time of just 28 days. We are therefore pleased to announce that there will be no delay to the delivery of your new Sofabed.

We deliver sofabeds on our own van or by a carrier company. Our carriers normal delivery service is to room of choice. Under Covid restrictions, our partner carrier company no longer offer this service, so their delivery service is now to the door. If this is an issue, and we can fit it in the schedule, we will deliver via our own van.

Our sales, marketing and office staff where possible are working from home, in line with Government guidance. This has no impact on the customer service levels we offer. All phone calls and emails are being answered as quickly, if not quicker than before. In addition, any administration is set up to continue seamlessly from remote settings.

We are therefore confident that during the Covid pandemic we will be able to offer the same fantastic service levels that we did before. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 01606 594404 or

Stay safe and thank you for considering for the purchase of your new Sofabed.

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